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Love Not Lost – A Poem

Dead leaves on the eve of fall,

wolves howl and the wind calls

of their forlorn love.


Separated by forgotten reasons,

both sit and watch the changing seasons

blurring around them.


Wishes granted, but none on time,

always stuck in a rhythm or a rhyme

of sorry, not yet.


Unsure of their love’s fate,

continuously forced to sit and wait

for answers that never seem to come.


Both unhappy, unfulfilled, aching,

for the only touch to mend their breaking

unstable, wanting hearts.


Someday soon, will answers arrive

so both no longer remain deprived

able to move forward


One step at a time…?


Passing Time – A Poem

I remember the lazy time passing us by

Watching the days, oh how they fly

Wishing for minutes, but they go awry

Now, there’s never enough.


I move so fast along the way

Watching my hairs, oh how they grey

Wishing for peace, but lead far astray

Now, there’s so much stuff.


I close my eyes, and stop to breathe

Watching my thoughts, oh how they seethe

Wishing for moments, wanting to wreathe

Now, there’s only tough.



Never Enough Time – A Poem

Creating thoughts.

Dancing in the clouds

rolling by.


Building love.

Running as fast as we can

keep up.


Broadening emotions.

Clinging to each other

in love.


Falling together.

Pounding heartbeats quicken

with touch.


Cursing time.

Passing us by

too quickly.


Holding on.

Embracing the stillness

found within.


Appreciating you.

Fantasizing the future

of us.