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Drowning – A Poem

I scream; I laugh; I cry about.

I know their hearts are filled with doubt

in fear.


They listen not; they understand not; they compose not.

They fill the time with meaningless snot

in distraction.


Our only hope, our only life, our only love.

Our minds opening to a significant shove

in reality.


The voice we hear; there is a sound.

The silence is not as remote or profound

as imagined.


We break the norm and stand our ground.

We do not need the frivolous found

as created.


But many fall: lost, broken and battered.

Emotionless corpses screaming their chatter

in desperation.


There is only one and until we see

there is no break from you and me,

we drown.


And the water consumes us all…



Hold Still – A Poem

Hold still.

Can you feel?

I slumber in dreams.


My will.

Can you heal?

It’s not what it seems.


It’s shrill.

Is it ideal?

The smile beams.


No frill.

What’s the deal?

The heart screams.


Can’t fill.

Does it appeal?

The window steams.


Cold chill.

Can’t I steal?

She reigns supreme.


Jagged pill.

Is it real?

To the extreme.




Hope – A Poem

A chaotic existence
blending swirls of nothing
to make meaning.

Fall within to see
the smallest of seeds
below the surface.

Hold the seed
touching it gently
and cultivating calm.

Anxiety rests,
existing only outside
of the Self.

Serenity croons to
our minds causing peace
and love to flourish.

Clutter dissolves
putting itself away
without fear.

More love creates
a blossom for the
soul to cherish.

The beautiful blossom
holds the center
of our much needed hope.

And we water…

And we nourish…

And we are free…