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Where Am I? – A Poem

My heart beats, but I am lost
and I cannot find my home.
I search the lands far and wide,
but all I find is my tomb,


Love Not Lost – A Poem

Dead leaves on the eve of fall,

wolves howl and the wind calls

of their forlorn love.


Separated by forgotten reasons,

both sit and watch the changing seasons

blurring around them.


Wishes granted, but none on time,

always stuck in a rhythm or a rhyme

of sorry, not yet.


Unsure of their love’s fate,

continuously forced to sit and wait

for answers that never seem to come.


Both unhappy, unfulfilled, aching,

for the only touch to mend their breaking

unstable, wanting hearts.


Someday soon, will answers arrive

so both no longer remain deprived

able to move forward


One step at a time…?

Alone – A Poem


Floating away


Along a swift, chaotic breeze

Grasping for the hope-

Lessness of memory


Walking away


Along a dark, wrecked road

Bracing for the worst

Set of endings


Sailing away


Along a raging, mean current

Waiting for the cold

Splash of reality


Drifting away


Along a narrow, broken tunnel

Wishing for the warm

Embrace of love



Love Remains – A Poem


Swirling, twirling, falling so deep

into a sea of eyes that weep

for our souls.


Caring, sharing, crying so hard,

leaving the heart wounded and charred

with blackness.


Fleeting, cheating, holding so dear.

the voice inside that makes it clear

where I’m going.


Flying, trying, escaping the sounds

echoing through the air compounds

the silence.


Yearning, burning, creating so much

underneath the warm and gentle touch

of love found.


Clinging, stinging, wanting to know

Before the top begins to blow

The destruction.


But, gone are the days…


And, gone are the nights…


So, only love remains…



Farewell – A Poem

I watched you today

burrowing into the lost side of the dark,

hiding from all that surrounds you.


You proclaimed your heart

was bleeding in pain from the sword

of abandonment askew.


You touched my hand

to speak of love felt between us,

accusing me that I knew.


I wiped away your tears

shed in shame and embarrassment,

encouraging you to pull through.


You slammed your fist

out of anger, resenting my truth

claiming it to be untrue.


I writhed in anguish,

turning my head away from your hurt,

deciding to bid you adieu.



Refilled – A Poem

Breaking down, forming up.

A crack dissolves a tiny cup

floating down the stream.


Backward swerves, pulling away.

Current raging demands obey

before engulfed in silent scream.


Beginning to drown, holding on.

A light beacons, to it drawn

as rays begin to beam.


A hand extends, the cup it takes.

Feeling the warmth, the heart aches

mending its crack at the seam.


The lips connect, the deep inhales.

Strength returns, a soul prevails

persisting within the scheme.


Embrace my handle, awareness close.

Refill my body, desired most

perpetuating the chosen dream.


Another drink, no crack to drip.

Filled to the brink, another sip

as the cup returns agleam.


And together, they wade upstream…


I’m lost in the dark.

Where’s my list? What’s the priority? How do I accomplish that? I have plans, some divinely inspired, but can I complete it in time?

Time is short.

Happy? Healthy? Successful? Human.

A tangent. What was the mistake? Was there a mistake?

Reality. Reality? Wake up!

No, not the illusion. A loss of control. The key to awakening? A softening; a lightness. Less resistance. Less baggage to slow me down.

Surrender to it? Where is joy? Within.

My journey through the woods, full of beauty and richness.

But it’s dark. And I’m lost.