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Fulfilled – A Poem

I see you.


I see you before me.


You’re not real.


I sense you.


I sense you around me.


You’re still not real.


I feel you.


I feel you beside me.


I can’t believe you’re not real.


I embrace you.


I embrace you against me.


Can it be real?


I want you.


I want you inside me.


What is real?


I have you.


I have you within me.


It feels so real.


And I fall asleep fulfilled…




Guardian Angel – A Poem

Sweet nothings whispered in my ear

make me long for more of your words to hear

this night.


Beating hearts, mingling divine.

Spirits stirring; sip my wine

in weakness.


Clinging to your hope and desire.

Feeding the ever-surging heat of fire

within me.


Passion takes on lover’s feign

creating worries, wondering what it is you mean

with your thoughts.


Shadows cast from sunlight’s beams,

darkness engulfing, unsteadying dreams



But you are there, in the shadows – no light,

to snag me back from my mind’s might

so unwillingly.


And the worries begin to fade…



Refilled – A Poem

Breaking down, forming up.

A crack dissolves a tiny cup

floating down the stream.


Backward swerves, pulling away.

Current raging demands obey

before engulfed in silent scream.


Beginning to drown, holding on.

A light beacons, to it drawn

as rays begin to beam.


A hand extends, the cup it takes.

Feeling the warmth, the heart aches

mending its crack at the seam.


The lips connect, the deep inhales.

Strength returns, a soul prevails

persisting within the scheme.


Embrace my handle, awareness close.

Refill my body, desired most

perpetuating the chosen dream.


Another drink, no crack to drip.

Filled to the brink, another sip

as the cup returns agleam.


And together, they wade upstream…

Fading – A Poem

I feel myself falling, flailing, in spiral.
This sickness inside, my mind going viral.
My hope – it fades,
my light – it trades
with the darkness, consuming – denial.

Touch me, bring back my fire,
for your excitement I never do tire.
Enticed delight
as I struggle to fight
invisibility, writhing in desire.