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Where Am I? – A Poem

My heart beats, but I am lost
and I cannot find my home.
I search the lands far and wide,
but all I find is my tomb,


Alone – A Poem


Floating away


Along a swift, chaotic breeze

Grasping for the hope-

Lessness of memory


Walking away


Along a dark, wrecked road

Bracing for the worst

Set of endings


Sailing away


Along a raging, mean current

Waiting for the cold

Splash of reality


Drifting away


Along a narrow, broken tunnel

Wishing for the warm

Embrace of love



Starshine – A Poem


Starshine, I see you.

Are you seeing me, too?

Can you see me struggling

with life?


Starshine, I need you.

Are you needing me, too?

Can you feel me wandering

in strife?


Starshine, I crave you.

Are you craving me, too?

Can you imagine me sauntering

at will?


Starshine, I breathe you.

Are you breathing me, too?

Can you grasp me holding

so still?


Starshine, I want you.

Are you wanting me, too?

Can you move me longing

for more?


Starshine, I love you.

Are you loving me, too?

Can you show me making

me soar?


Starshine, where are you?