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I recently came across a Youtube video regarding women and Satanism. While I am not a Satanist, I did feel the need to respond to the video. Following is a link to the video, and my modified response to the creator:

Bobo, I agree with much of what you said in your video. However, there was one point you made that I don’t agree with. I don’t think that women turn towards Paganism and Wicca in an attempt to justify their beliefs. That doesn’t seem to jive with what I’ve discussed with most Wiccan and Pagan women I’ve dated or interacted with. You may be giving some of them too much credit…

I think most women that initially turn towards Wicca or Paganism do so because they want to be deviant of the Christian movement, either because they have been ignored by Christianity or because they’ve been cast out of Christianity, and they want more attention. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough knowledge about any of the paths listed to know what it is they believe or want to follow. They hear the word “Goddess” and think, “Oh, a Goddess… something that celebrates women. I can support that!” They fail to understand what exactly they have decided to indulge in, only to use it as a way to have more eyes on them. They know that they don’t want to pursue Christianity any longer, and this is something “on the dark side” that they can giggle about with their friends. Let’s go a step further.

While women are all about attracting attention, they tend to avoid publicly embracing most ideas that are against the “norm.” Paganism, Wicca, and Buddhism are all spiritual paths that are against the “norm” but not really all that bad. For you see, they are not trying to justify their beliefs to themselves; they are trying to justify their beliefs to the gaggle of hens around them. It has little to do with how they view themselves and more about how they are viewed by others. They may exhibit many of the traits or qualities that may be referenced in regards to Satanism, but to declare themselves as a Satanist would mean dealing with the rippling effects that would have on how people view them. And unless they feel like they can gain something from it, they usually don’t want to do anything that would mean they would get less attention.

We, as women, are whores. Not for sex (although, sex is great). Not for money (money is nice, too). Not for new shoes.

We are whores for attention.

We dress nice and put on make-up. We naturally (and sometimes exaggeratedly) swing our hips while walking. We join internet forums and out-debate many of the men subscribed. And we do all of this in an attempt to have people notice and validate our femininity either for our brains, our looks, or both. Almost always, someone does.

Women are evil. You are correct. And we display it coyly and strategically. We analyze and wait, ready to pounce whenever necessary. But to openly declare ourselves as Satanic is too overtly honest. Instead, women will think “Satanic” thoughts while sitting in the church pews. We will encourage our sisters to pursue equal rights in the workplace while fucking the working woman’s husband when she is away. And in the end, most women will play the victim role smoothly. To declare herself as a Satanist would mean too much accountability and not allow for the implied misunderstanding so many shyly rely on.

I say cheers to the Satanic women with enough balls to accept accountability for their actions and beliefs. Those women are in a feminist class above most. To celebrate, continue to intellectually shine with a feminine perspective when debating, become influential female role models as you spread your Satanic beliefs unbeknownst to the women outside of the Satanic community, and give the men a little love by showing your tits on live chat cameras because THAT is truly Satanic.


Christian Theology on “Life”

The question presented to me in regards to a discussion about abortion was, “Where does Christian theology “draw the line” on the sacredness of life, and why? ”

My Answer:

Where the line is drawn is relative to the person you are conversing with.

Some Christian priests go out of their way to be realistic to the situation they are faced with. They address each situation presented to them in the context of the person’s life presenting it. This does much to express and promote love, and it enables that person to believe in themselves, especially through “God’s eyes” when the preacher is open to them.

Some Christian priests go out of their way to condemn the women/couples about even the idea of having a choice in whether or not to birth the child. They express that God will no longer love them for their “murder” of God’s child, and thus decrease the person’s ability to make the “right” decision given their set of circumstances. This does little for our evolution.

Abortion is controversial, even among the Christian religion, and I don’t think they really have it figured out yet. According to the Church, abortion is “wrong.” However, you can find priests that will discuss it, and its circumstances, with an open-mind.

To Expand:

There are many quotes within the Bible that promote killing your enemies or someone that commits an act against God’s will. I believe that the original wording of the Commandment was, “Thou shalt not commit murder”. Does abortion qualify as “murder” when compared to the idea of killing your enemies or criminals? Not in my opinion.