Apsara Kamalli

A lover of all types.  Dark and mysterious.  Light and ambitious.  Short and cute.  Serious…in a comical kind of way. These are all descriptions other people have bestowed upon me.

From my own perspective, I’m a rescuer.  I’m the kind of person that would do anything to help you out, save you from your own pitfalls, and carry you back up the hill.  I’m the one people turn to for advice, balance, and calmness.

I currently reside happily in Austin, TX with my loving husband.  We work diligently at being parents and maintaining the ever-growing connection that has developed between us.  Our home is filled with philosophical explorations, political debate, and comic relief to the everyday obstacles life brings our way.

My intention with this blog is to provide a place for me to write, first and foremost.  If during the process of expression my words motivate and enlighten, then so be it.