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Where AM I? – A Poem


Grinding, kicking

Swimming in blue

Trying to find my way home to you.



Grasping, keeping

Surrendering to sough

Wanting to find my way back to you.



Gouging, knocking

Scraping in cue

Needing to find my return to you.



For with you, time stands still…





Asleep, as long as

you think you are not.


Forced, as long as

you think you are not.


Empty, as long as

you think you are not.


Distracted, for as long as

the choice is unseen.


Beaten , for as long as

the choice is unseen.


Forgotten, for as long as

the choice is unseen.


Wake, as fast as

you see the opportunity.


Show passion, as fast as

you see the opportunity.


Create, as fast as

you see the opportunity.


For your slumber is deep , but your rest is null.

For your impact is weak, and your legacy is null.

For your purpose is meek, and you sustainability is null…


…without love.




Love in Motion – A Poem

The feeling circles around in motion,

Swirling toward infinity, passing by the notion

That love forever sweeps us off our feet.


The feeling lingers around from start,

Dismissing nothing from a wounded heart

That love never tasted so sickingly sweet.


The feeling swishes around in waves,

Drowning out thought, until buried in graves

That love outlasts a worm’s treat.


The feeling…


That love…


Sweet infinity…

Drowning – A Poem

I scream; I laugh; I cry about.

I know their hearts are filled with doubt

in fear.


They listen not; they understand not; they compose not.

They fill the time with meaningless snot

in distraction.


Our only hope, our only life, our only love.

Our minds opening to a significant shove

in reality.


The voice we hear; there is a sound.

The silence is not as remote or profound

as imagined.


We break the norm and stand our ground.

We do not need the frivolous found

as created.


But many fall: lost, broken and battered.

Emotionless corpses screaming their chatter

in desperation.


There is only one and until we see

there is no break from you and me,

we drown.


And the water consumes us all…


Fulfilled – A Poem

I see you.


I see you before me.


You’re not real.


I sense you.


I sense you around me.


You’re still not real.


I feel you.


I feel you beside me.


I can’t believe you’re not real.


I embrace you.


I embrace you against me.


Can it be real?


I want you.


I want you inside me.


What is real?


I have you.


I have you within me.


It feels so real.


And I fall asleep fulfilled…



More to Life – A Poem

They walk and work and never look

beyond the day-to-day reflective book

of each other.


So much and more can be felt

if we study not just the hand of flashcards dealt

to each of us.


For all life ends, short and sweet

feeding our hearts, wanting to beat

right out of our chests.


Sometimes, the memories fade

creating a wish that they had stayed

more clear.


But nothing can keep out the love

because we are so much a part of

one another.


When we know this without a thought,

then, we know that we are not

ever alone.


And the music continues to sing…

Guardian Angel – A Poem

Sweet nothings whispered in my ear

make me long for more of your words to hear

this night.


Beating hearts, mingling divine.

Spirits stirring; sip my wine

in weakness.


Clinging to your hope and desire.

Feeding the ever-surging heat of fire

within me.


Passion takes on lover’s feign

creating worries, wondering what it is you mean

with your thoughts.


Shadows cast from sunlight’s beams,

darkness engulfing, unsteadying dreams



But you are there, in the shadows – no light,

to snag me back from my mind’s might

so unwillingly.


And the worries begin to fade…



My heart beats, but I am lost
and I cannot find my home.
I search the lands far and wide,
but all I find is my tomb,

Love Not Lost – A Poem

Dead leaves on the eve of fall,

wolves howl and the wind calls

of their forlorn love.


Separated by forgotten reasons,

both sit and watch the changing seasons

blurring around them.


Wishes granted, but none on time,

always stuck in a rhythm or a rhyme

of sorry, not yet.


Unsure of their love’s fate,

continuously forced to sit and wait

for answers that never seem to come.


Both unhappy, unfulfilled, aching,

for the only touch to mend their breaking

unstable, wanting hearts.


Someday soon, will answers arrive

so both no longer remain deprived

able to move forward


One step at a time…?

Passing Time – A Poem

I remember the lazy time passing us by

Watching the days, oh how they fly

Wishing for minutes, but they go awry

Now, there’s never enough.


I move so fast along the way

Watching my hairs, oh how they grey

Wishing for peace, but lead far astray

Now, there’s so much stuff.


I close my eyes, and stop to breathe

Watching my thoughts, oh how they seethe

Wishing for moments, wanting to wreathe

Now, there’s only tough.